Gontier - Meubles d'ébéniste depuis 1920

Origine Garantie France - BVCert. 6014599

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Discover GONTIER

Since 1920, GONTIER has been designing and manufacturing high quality French furniture...in France.

We are one of the last remaining French providers of real French furniture.

We use only French wood sourced from our French forests for all of our collections, primarily Oak, Cherry Wood and Ash.

High quality finishes and beautiful construction, the solid wood GONTIER pieces will delight collectors and furniture lovers.

Established in Mayenne, north-western France, GONTIER are experts in our field, we understand the needs of individual customers, designers and the design industry as a whole. Our in house team believe in the virtues of a mild and temperate climate for drying our wood and we remain faithful to traditional French cabinet making techniques. We deliver in Europe and overseas.

Combining traditional skills and our wealth of experience with today’s modern styles and finishing’s we provide you with the highest quality design French collections. We propose you in our web pages 4 collections for style furniture: DIRECTOIRE is a Louis XVI style, FLAUBERT reflects the Louis Philppe 'epoque", MELANIE is a straight and modernized Directoire design and TRADITION comes from the french and charming countryside.

INES presents you a prestigious range of wooden libraries combined from different modular elements.

SIENNA is the new and design whitened oak collection combined with iron or ceramics.

UNIQUE are non-standard and.bespoke customized pieces. They are craft (and piece by piece) made after defining precisely together the design, dimensions and finishes of your furniture. A quotation will be sent and signed. 


The finishing of your furniture is your choice. We have a beautiful range of shades and colours available or you can come with a colour sample and we will fulfill your requirements to produce the right individual pieces, perfect just for you.

We believe that the most beautiful piece of furniture is the one that matches you,

We also design and manufacture custom-made pieces that fit the dimensions of a room that correspond perfectly to its use, matching the colours and shades that are right for you.


GONTIER has the experience, versatility and skills to carry out all your projects. We offer you a wide collection of highest quality truly French furniture.


Enjoy the reading of our website, an introduction to each of our collections, from small pieces to majestic customized bookcases, from solid-styled furniture to contemporary furniture with oak veneers….these pictures will give you a preview of what we can do.