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We believe that the most beautiful piece of furniture is the one that matches you, we can design and manufacture custom-made pieces.Fit the dimensions of a room, correspond perfectly to its use, matching the colours and shades that are right for you. We will fulfill your requirements to produce the right individual pieces, perfect just for you.

You are a designer or just artistic....give us your drawings and we will make it! 

GONTIER has the experience, versatility and skills to carry out all your projects. We offer you a wide collection of highest quality truly French furniture for the entire home.…..and if, with time, your taste changes our skilled team can give your pieces of furniture a makeover. 

Want an extra door, an extra shelf, the size reducing/increasing.......? Just ask and we can do it for you. 

Fan of technology then we can add integrated chargers for smart phones and tablets, electric points, USB points.... 

Sentimentally attached to an old piece of furniture, would like to keep it even though its already over 20 years old? Give it a makeover with a new finish, tint or colour and enjoy it for another 20 years.